Nis Frome, Author at General Assembly Blog

‘Lean’ Product Management: Past, Present, and Future



The lean movement has become the rallying cry of entrepreneurs everywhere, keeping enterprise product managers on their toes as they try to understand how, or even if, they should be implementing the iterative learning methodology into their processes.

But beyond supposedly leading to ‘more innovativeness’ more efficiently, what does lean mean for today’s product managers? By understanding where the term came from, I think product managers can better understand where it’s going, and how it impacts them.

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Don’t Sell a Product, Tell Your Story



I’m often approached by young, aspiring entrepreneurs who ask some variation of the following:

I’m interested in starting a company in [Industry] that does [Laundry list of features], so where do I start?

They usually want introductions to investors and developers – rarely are they seeking advice. So I respond with a question in turn, something I know they can relate to.

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