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About Nathan Bashaw

Nathan Bashaw is a product manager at General Assembly. He built Dash, an interactive online learning experience that teaches aspiring coders how to make awesome websites.

Navigating the Product Maze



When I first got started building products I relied on random inspiration. Most ideas started with me thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool if ______?” and never went much deeper than that. As you can guess, the products I built were hit-or-miss, and I often felt lost in my own head, as if I were wandering aimlessly in a maze.

Now that I’ve been working on products for 5 years (most notably Product Hunt and Dash), I’ve started to notice patterns in product design, and those patterns have given me a set of mental tools that allow me to think much more clearly about solving product problems than when I first started.

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Dash—One Week Later


Ivan S., a teacher from Ukraine, sent us this picture of his students using Dash

Last week, General Assembly released Dash, our interactive, online learn-to-code program, to the world. What happened after that exceeded even our most wildly optimistic projections:

  • More than 40,000 people signed up, representing nearly every country on earth
  • Together, Dash users worldwide created over 124,000 websites, writing more than 41 million lines of code.
  • Collectively, users spent more than 9.3k people-hours (or 388 days) learning to code on Dash.

These numbers are great, but what we’re most excited about how much people enjoyed using Dash. We heard from a lot of folks over the past week. Here are a few highlights:

“Wow! All I can say is this is changing my life right now. As a graphic designer I have been trying to get into coding and every time I get discouraged and push it aside. I found your site today and can’t stop learning. I absolutely love the way this is teaching me it all seems to just click now. I was using crutches like adobe muse and didn’t have an understanding of what I was actually designing. I hope to really get into this and start coding sites all from code when I’m ready.”
– Sean O.

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