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What Elon Musk’s Opening of Tesla Patents Means for Open Source


Earlier this month Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, made waves after announcing that Tesla patents are now open to everyone: “Yesterday, there was a wall of Tesla patents in the lobby of our Palo Alto headquarters. That is no longer the case. They have been removed, in the spirit of the open source movement, for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.”

Although patents were designed to encourage inventors by protecting their work, Musk explains that they are now actually curbing innovation: “Maybe they were good long ago, but too often these days they serve merely to stifle progress, entrench the positions of giant corporations and enrich those in the legal profession, rather than the actual inventors.”

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Capitalizing on Errors: The Best 404 Pages on the Web


While the 404 page signifies error, it doesn’t have to kill the mood. The design of a 404 page is an important piece of the user experience puzzle, but often overlooked in the creation process. To avoid the frustration of a user hitting this roadblock, there are a few key things you can do to promote an engaging and branded experience:

  • Identify the issue
  • Speak clearly
  • Include popular links or a search bar for a way out
  • Make contact information visible
  • Make it fun!

Here are 10 entertaining 404 pages worth breaking a url for:

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7 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn To Boost Your Personal Brand



With more than 275 million users, including executives of nearly every Fortune 500 Company, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for defining your personal brand, establishing credibility, and networking with business connections. Are you making the most out of your presence within this network?

Getting setup on the platform is just step one—below are seven ways to ensure you are putting your best foot forward on this essential platform. To dive deeper into this subject, watch “Use LinkedIn to Land a Job in Digital Marketing” by our Outcomes & Alumni manager, Katie Hudson.

1. Headshot

Think of your headshot as your first impression for your future employer. You may love that beach pic from your vacation in Maui, or that one shot of you and your squad at the bar—but (most) employers aren’t looking for a buddy to go out with, they are looking for a sharp and reliable worker. Make sure to use a clean, professional image of yourself (and just yourself) that comes off as friendly and polished, focusing on just your head and shoulders.

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6 UX Strategies to Make Your Site More User-Friendly


User Experience is focused heavily on trying to understand context, activities and people to better solve their problems. If we know and understand the people who are using our product, we’ll be able to design a better product for them. Below are six tried and true strategies for ensuring your website is user friendly, taken from our Front Row video with UX Consultant, Julie Blitzer.

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Fundraising on AngelList: 4 Tips to Get Noticed


Are you using AngelList to its full potential? Ash Fontana, Head of Fundraising at AngelList, recently stopped by GA to share best practices for connecting with investors on the site. Some of the key takeaways are listed below. For more details and examples of best practices, watch Ash’s talk here.

1. Build a Good Profile

Fill in as much information as you can. AngelList was designed to eliminate any possible mistakes being made on your end; like presenting information illegally or making it difficult for investors to digest your profile. There are convenient tips listed in each field you need to fill out — read them all. Lastly, don’t use fluffy language. Stick to the facts and state your credentials clearly.

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Meaningful Data: Learnings From OKCupid


Love is a difficult concept to grasp in general, but perhaps even more confusing once the internet becomes a factor. We search for meaning in signals or cues and try our hardest to gain insight into another person’s perspective. Is there a logical way to interpret someone else’s behavior in order to make smarter, more informed decisions moving forward? OK Cupid thinks so.

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The Making of Drakeweather.com


Settling into work one morning a couple weeks ago, I began a brisk stroll through Facebook.  Several of my friends had shared a site called drakeweather.com, most with accompanying copy along the lines of: “Just hold on, it’s raining down,”  “Started from the cloudy, now we clear.” This was an obvious call to action for me to click through and so I didn’t waste any time. Once there, I discovered Drake delivering my current weather. “Clever,” I thought, “Genius, actually.”

Working in social media, I tend to analyze viral hits more than the average person. I took note of some prominent social sharing options, a visually appealing image, useful information, and that guy Drake of course. Powerful ingredients to a viral hit. Fast forward a few days when my eyes widened with excitement as I found out that the site was actually created by a GA Front-End Web Development student, Tom Galle. It was hard to track down Tom for an interview (he was busy dealing with People, Huffington Post, and Time to name just a few) but we finally made it happen.

Where did you get the inspiration to make drakeweather.com?

My friend Bob and I are Drake fans, and love to make projects that are related to hip-hop culture & technology. Previously we made ‘one million dollars for iPhone’.

We figured that for our next project, we should do something with Drake. We both like his Nothing Was The Same album cover and felt we should try to do something with that since it’s such a cool image.

Very random, but we quickly came up with the idea to make a weather app that changes the background according to your current local weather. We both found it super funny and immediately said to each other “We should make that ASAP.”

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Alumni Interview: Stephanie Holland


Meet Jessica Stephens and Stephanie Holland, founders of Hong Kong based fashion startup, AURZA. Recently completing one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in Hong Kong history through indiegogo, these women have caught the attention of many, including Forbes. We had the chance to sit down with Stephanie, a graduate of our 10 week Digital Marketing Business Course for a quick catch-up on how things are going post GA and where AURZA is headed next.

What is AURZA?

AURZA is an online fashion brand that allows women to design their perfect dress, which we then make for them in standard, mix and match or custom sizing.

Our aim is simply to help women like us look and feel fabulous, without compromise.

How did it start?

Jess and I founded the business at the end of last year. We were best friends from 4-18, lost touch after school and met randomly at a bus stop in Discovery Bay 2 years ago. We both had children, loved clothes but were so frustrated that we couldn’t find things that made our post baby bodies look great. Everything on the high street was never quite right and had clearly been designed with younger, different shaped ladies in mind!

We decided to use the resources that were at our door and started working with local tailors to develop our concept as we figured they had the skills and operation set up to do bespoke pieces quickly. We were wrong. The results were terrible, our friends laughed and many in the industry told us what we wanted to do couldn’t be done (at least not to a high standard that competes with the likes of Reiss and Club Monaco). So we went back to the drawing board and researched fit, pattern making and design and found 3D scanning and went through contact on contact to find a manufacturer that would work with us to create our vision. We decided to do a beta test using Indiegogo in November to generate enough orders to pressure test our manufacturing and overall concept.
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Knock out some unfinished resolutions before the clock strikes 12, and ring-in the new year with a clean slate and new skills.

We’re sharing some of our favorite tips from experts in Product Management, Front-End Web Development, and UX Design for some last-minute lessons. It’s never too late to get started.


  • Test your new business idea
  • Prepare to get the job of your dreams
  • Learn a new (programming) language
  • Get your website live

Top 10 Front Row Video Countdown


The final countdown. We’re celebrating the New Year by looking back at the most popular videos from 2013. Join us on Thursday, 26 December from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm for a free Top 10 Front Row Video Countdown, featuring the most-viewed videos from the past year.