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How Company Culture Fuels Change Beyond Digital Transformations

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Last month, we wrote about transformational leadership in the digital age and shared some practical steps leaders can take to create the right culture. Our post received many positive responses, and there were two consistent themes in people’s comments: First, people agreed that successful leaders have to focus on culture, even at the expense of strategy, in order to foster innovation. Second, people pointed out that while our post focused on navigating the digital landscape, the need for leaders to create an engaging culture applies to all change efforts.

Several readers asked if we could delve further into the topic of culture, so as a follow-up, we will investigate: What culture is, how it manifests itself, why it’s so hard to perfect, and how to get it right. Continue reading

Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age

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Companies in all industries are wrestling with how to crack the code to win in the digital space. Typically, they focus their efforts on shifts in business strategy. They concentrate on enhancing marketing capability, creating new digital products and services, improving their social media efforts, and upgrading their IT expertise.

From our experience working with clients across various market segments, it is clear that far less attention is paid to the important shift in leadership behavior that is necessary to foster a culture of innovation and experimentation.

There are four key issues that senior executives need to address in order to retool their organizations for success in the digital space. They must implement practical strategies that proactively engage:

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