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Jesse Podell is COO of DevShop, a boutique web development agency, and NY TechDay, the world's largest startup event (coming to Washington, D.C. in October 2014). He is also the co-organizer of NYFTS, the largest Fintech Meetup group.

A Guide For Non-Technical Startup Founders In Need of Web Development


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As one of the partners of a Ruby on Rails software development agency, I speak with dozens of non-technical startup founders every week who are in various stages of building their first web or mobile application. The range of technical acumen, willingness to learn, and time and resources varies widely among the group.

As a firm, we’re not just competing with other NYC based agencies for their business, but also offshore devshops, freelancers, and in some cases, the prospective client who may want to execute internally.

At the end of the day, a non-technical founder who has decided that they must build something has two options: Pay someone else, or partner with people. Below are the pros and cons.

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