Jenny Wyss, Author at General Assembly Blog

General Assembly Instructional Growth Hackers


When Sean Ellis coined the term growth hacker, he defined it as “a person whose true north is growth.” Likewise, instructors joining General Assembly frequently list professional growth as a key objective in taking on their new role.  In addition to diversifying their expertise, our instructors are dedicated to fostering a new crop of technologists, designers, and leaders.  Helping to transform what you – the instructors – know into experiences that maximize student learning is where GA’s Instructional Coaches come in.

Consider us your instructional growth hackers, where growth equals increased student learning and extended teaching skills.  We’re part of the instructional team because we are also teachers.  Coaches are experienced in pedagogical methods such as student engagement strategies, objective-driven planning, and learning assessments.  We focus on teaching high-impact, low-barrier practices you can integrate into your classroom routines.  Recognizing that each instructor has their own teaching style and expertise, our ultimate goal is to help you level up and transform your career by learning instructional skills to improve your effectiveness in the classroom and beyond.

Come to a Coach when you need:

  • Professional feedback on a lesson – before, during, or after it is taught
  • Strategies for student engagement
  • Methods for assessing learning
  • Advice from an experienced teacher
  • Training and development in instructional best practices

Currently, Coaches are represented in New York by Damien DeCuir, in San Francisco by Jessie Slocum, in Los Angeles Jenny Wyss, and in Boston by Anna Tsykalova.

As we build a robust network of experienced faculty, these veteran Instructor Fellows provide a wealth of content specific knowledge and classroom tactics to share with other instructors.

At the global level, the Instructor Development Team is also here to support you and is comprised of Chelsea Byers, Carolyn Wakulchik, and Charmaine Lacsina.  This team can help you by:

  • Listening to your feedback and recommending ways to help you enjoy your roles and grow as teachers
  • Training for anyone who creates course materials, and instructional design best practices in general
  • Creating internal products that make the instructor experience better

Instructors, we are here for support as you transform your knowledge by gaining instructional skills to maximize your effectiveness in the classroom and beyond!