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Emily Kate Pope is a digital marketer, writer, and life-long learner based in Brooklyn, NY.

20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Using Data to Retune The Music Industry


Raffi Khatchadourian, COO of indify

Raffi Khatchadourian is a Mathematical Economics major and incoming junior at Colgate University. A self-starter and talented entrepreneur, Raffi has established himself as the COO of indify, an emerging music startup, before many of his peers have even declared their major. Back in January, Raffi attended GA’s week-long Business Accelerator program in partnership with Colgate University. Since then, he and his co-founders have gone on to win $10,000 in funding from Colgate University’s Entrepreneur Weekend Shark Tank and $15,000 from Colgate University’s Entrepreneurs Fund. Read on to learn how this young entrepreneur transformed his passion for music and data into a successful early-stage startup.

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Combat Vet Turned Coder Helps Veterans Transition Into Tech Careers



Meet Jerome Hardaway, an Opportunity Fund recipient and Veteran who worked in marketing and design before enrolling in GA’s Web Design Immersive course in New York City. Now, Jerome is using his web development skills to build his own startup, FRAGO, which helps Veterans transition more smoothly into civilian life.

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3 Things We Learned From Viral Ecommerce Hit ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter’


Source: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Seriously guys, it’s a joke. Stop sending people glitter. Source: ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com

Earlier this week, the Internet practically exploded when it learned of a new service that helps you piss off your enemies in a fun, anonymous, and ostensibly harmless way. For just $9.99 AUD (about $8 US dollars) you can ruin someone’s day by sending them an envelope full of their least favorite craft item— glitter. Seriously, the stuff gets everywhere.

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Here’s What Happened to the Internet on Cyber Monday



Many of you may have noticed that our website went down on Monday. While at first, staffers joked and grumbled, we quickly realized that the issue was something more serious, affecting not only GA, but hundreds of websites across the Internet–that’s right, we were under attack (on Cyber Monday, no less).

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‘Peek into the Valley’ Winner Meets Top Tech Execs in Silicon Valley



Charles Waldren imageAs the winner of our Peek into the Valley sweepstakes, Charles Warden won a trip to San Francisco where he had one-on-ones with top tech execs, personal tours of each company’s campus, and luxury accommodations in a four star hotel.

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All of Your Web Development Immersive Questions Answered



There’s never been a better time to start a career as a web developer. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, there’s consistent demand for web developers who can creatively solve problems and implement robust, sustainable solutions.

Whether you’re a career-changer serious about becoming a full-stack web developer, an entrepreneur with an idea you want to build from scratch, or a recent undergrad ready to ramp up your technical skill set, you likely have a number of questions about the best way for you to learn web development.

Here we’ve compiled a list of most frequently asked questions about our flagship Web Development Immersive course — also available online — to help give you a better sense of what this full-time, 12-week program is all about.

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General Assembly Will Be Hosting The After Party For The Pencils of Promise Gala



We’re big supporters of institutions and programs that share our values in increasing access to education as well as offering social and economic mobility to those in need. Occasionally we like to throw parties (for a good cause of course) with such organizations.

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The Future of Augmented Reality with Blippar CMO


Jess Butcher

Jess Butcher is the CMO and co-founder of augmented reality app Blippar. She is an entrepreneur, evangelist, and chief proponent of the verb “to blipp.”

1. First and foremost, what is Blippar?

Blippar is the world’s leading mobile visual browser (aka augmented reality app). It uses image-recognition technology to bring the physical world to vibrant digital life through smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Users download the free Blippar app, fill their screen with blippable images (found on print pages, product packaging, adverts, signage, screens, artwork, etc.) and blipp to unlock exciting mobile content. Interactive features can reveal web-links, image galleries, games, videos, 3D graphics, photo booths and opinion polls. We currently have over 1,000 clients and partners including Pepsi, Coca Cola, Conde Nast, Warner Bros. and Jaguar. And in June we acquired Layar, a pioneering AR company founded in 2009. Our combined user base, data, and technology makes Blippar the world’s most influential AR company.

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Tech Summit Combines Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Science To “Re-Work” the Future


rework tech summit logo image

Exponentially advancing technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, sensors, 3D-printing and artificial intelligence are reshaping the future of society and business.

How are robotics going to impact transportation and assisted living in the home? What effect will sensors and big data created from the internet of things have in our future cities? How will nanotechnology and smart materials impact manufacturing? Will 3D printing create a new industrial revolution? How will augmented reality disrupt education?

The annual RE.WORK Technology Summit taking place in London on September 18-19 will bring together 300 technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders to answer these questions and more while they explore emerging technologies that are shaping the future of business & society.

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10 Blogs Written For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs



Starting a company is hard, and finding reliable advice along the way can be even harder. There are thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers who claim to be experts, churning out new business advice every day, but how can you trust that it’s advice worth taking?

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite business blogs written by startup founders for aspiring entrepreneurs. These resources offer practical advice that is bound to keep you well-informed and inspired as you follow your business dreams.

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