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About Danielle Dynes

Danielle did quality assurance at The Gap before becoming a UX expert through Opportunity Fund's Design for Change Fellowship. She aims to increase diversity tech by volunteering with Black Girls Code.

All-girls Hackathon Aims to Change the World for Women


Hack Girls Rights

Students coding for change at IGNITE International Girls Hackathon in Oakland.


When I was awarded the Design For Change fellowship and officially became an Opportunity Fund fellow at General Assembly I felt a deep responsibility along with my excitement. One of the stipulations of the fellowship was to volunteer 100 hours in service to a local organization to teach youth some of the skills I learned in the User Experience Design Immersive.

I felt a responsibility to assist any young person with a similar background as me who wants to pursue a career in technology. I know how isolating it can be to feel under-represented in a field you desperately want to work in. The challenges to entering STEM careers can be discouraging to minority and/or female youth unless they have mentors who they can relate to.

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