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Catie Brand is the director of talent acquisition at General Assembly. With a dual degree in English and business administration from Boston University, Catie has worked for the executive search firm Daversa, where she placed VP- and C-level candidates at technology companies including eBay and Gilt. She is a co-founder of Krow, a talent branding and mobile optimization tool for recruiters, and joined GA in 2014.

How Learning to Code Helped Me Grow as a Recruiter


Learning to code

One of the best perks of working at General Assembly is that employees can take any part-time class or workshop for free. Last year, I took General Assembly’s Backend Web Development Course (BEWD) to learn how to code. As someone who works in Talent Acquisition at General Assembly, I thought this would be valuable so I could better understand our product offering. I also figured it would be easier to interview technical candidates if I understood the lingo.

Next week, I’m attending the Greenhouse Open, a three-day gathering of talent acquisition and HR professionals in San Francisco from May 25-27.  I am really looking forward to the “Programming for Recruiters” workshop with Michael Bouffard, VP of Engineering at Greenhouse, on Friday, May 27. I think every recruiter, especially one who speaks with engineers on a regular basis, should understand programming basics. As I prepare to attend Greenhouse Open next week, I’m reflecting on my experience taking BEWD and how it’s been helpful in my day to day role recruiting talent, as well as managing our systems and tools.

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