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A former classroom teacher, Governor Beverly “Bev” Perdue has been a lifelong advocate for strengthening education as a service and profession. Perdue served as the first female Governor of North Carolina from 2009-2013.

Beyond Bootcamps: Policy Considerations for Accelerated Learning



As we approach an era of near ubiquity of broadband and universal mobile computing, the pace at which technology is transforming our daily lives is accelerating. We see the impact across nearly every sector: education, health, transportation and even fashion.

Today’s tech transformation is creating a wonderful opportunity to bring ideas to life, and create jobs and wealth—but it is not without its challenges. The economic shift requires us to change the way we prepare the workforce. A recent Burning Glass Report found that 78% of all middle-skill jobs require digital skill and that digitally intensive jobs are growing at 2.5 the rate of others. At the same time, we face a persistent gap, as there are far too few women and underrepresented minority groups participating in the high-tech economy. So what can we do to adjust our education and training models to expand access and promote equity as we tackle our national skills-gap?

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