Ashrit Kamireddi, Author at General Assembly Blog

VeryApt’s Approach to Building Great Products with Data


data scientist and web designer working together

From my past experiences at both large tech companies and small startups, there is a tendency to assign data projects to rockstar developers and let them run with it. The results are often interesting from a data science standpoint, but nonfunctional from a product standpoint.

The problem with this approach is twofold. First, how the developers approach the data and how the data integrates into the product are fundamentally different. Second, datasets in the real world are messy—inaccurate, imprecise, and unstructured—and this can render them unusable in their initial format.

At VeryApt, every data project is allocated developer hours, analyst hours, and budget for external resources (such as tools and supporting datasets). With these constraints established, our analysts and developers work together to create clear goals for the product and its associated site integration. This allows the team to narrowly focus their efforts and determine if the data available can produce useable results. Continue reading