Amir Mahmood, Author at General Assembly Blog

4 Steps to Building a Future Ready Marketing Team


With technology moving at a blistering pace, skills gaps are wider than ever before. Roles are evolving fast and in some cases becoming completely obsolete. And this problem is not unique to the marketing sector. According to a Gartner report, building up employees’ skills is one of the top priorities for leaders across industries—with many of them ready to invest in upskilling but unsure of how to integrate those efforts into their organizations.

Staying ahead of the curve now entails embracing continuous learning and investing in your team’s capabilities to help them remain competitive and take full advantage of new opportunities. An upskilling initiative that’s aligned with your organization’s strategy and long-term goals can help shrink skills gaps, empower your team to adapt to evolving challenges and build up a skilled and adaptable talent pipeline. 

Unsure of where to start? Start here.

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