Alumni Interview: Robyn Steinberg


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Meet Robyn Steinberg. Robyn started her career as a recruiter in New York City, but made a major life change when she decided to move across the world and learn to code. Robyn recently graduated of our first Web Development Immersive course in Hong Kong, and she is now combining her two professional passions in her new role as a GA Instructor Evangelist. Here’s her story.

Tell us about the path you took to WDI.

Life pre-WDI was spent recruiting web developers and designers for a large marketing agency in NYC. Upon getting a promotion, the lead recruiter provided me with a list of coding key words to use in the interview process. Puzzled and intrigued, I started researching the terminology. The more I learned, the more I wanted to understand. I was hooked!

I spent the weeks following the discovery of my new-found interest applying to a handful of full-time programs in a variety of locations. The idea of quitting my job seemed scary and foreign, but I felt a strong connection to code. I wanted to be forced to learn code in a way I couldn’t do if I had a full-time role. After receiving three acceptances, GA won my vote. My goal was to be pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to drive my own success, and I was certain GA would deliver just that.

What did you take away from the course?

I enrolled and successfully graduated from HK’s first full time WDI class. The time I spent, friends I gained, and skills I learned over the course of 12 weeks are unlike anything I experienced in the past. I now know and belong to a network of developers, entrepreneurs, and creative minds around the globe.

I am successfully able to build and design my own websites and have built several freelance business websites that are being used in day-to-day businesses in Hong Kong, the Middle East, and the US.

What’s your post-WDI plan?

In a week, I will be joining GA as an Instructor Evangelist to mix and mesh my technical and recruitment skills. My plan is to continue learning and improving my development skills, while growing with and supporting GA’s mission.

What piece of advice would you give to potential WDI students?

Stay motivated. WDI should come with a warning label: you will feel frustrated, you will be confused, and you will be mentally exhausted. However, completion of the course will lead to moments of extreme euphoria, bliss, and personal accomplishment.

Trust your instructors and stick with it, and don’t let the hard times get the best of you. For every moment of struggle or self-doubt, there will be five-plus moments of success down the line. Concepts and ideas will start clicking and you will surprise yourself. The feeling of accomplishment once your first site goes live is unlike any other.

Coding addiction, the thirst to learn, and the feeling that you can conquer the coding world aren’t uncommon side effects of completing a WDI program.

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