Alumni Interview: Chris Platts


Christopher Platts

The job market is tough, and it’s even more challenging when you’re looking for a job with a purpose beyond the daily grind. Enter: Talent Rocket. Founded by London Digital Marketing Alumnus, Chris Platts, Talent Rocket is matching job-seekers with purpose-driven companies that share a common set of values and ideals. It’s “like a dating app,” but for jobs.

1. What were you doing before you came to GA?

Before coming to GA, I was working as a consultant, founding companies, running marathons, and getting engaged. Now I work full time and work on Talent Rocket as a full-time side project.

2. What brought you to GA?

I’d recently founded Talent Rocket and wanted to hone my expertise in digital marketing.  Talent Rocket was already “in the oven,” so I needed the structure of a formal class. I had a product, but without knowledge of digital marketing, it was impossible for me to spread the word.

3. Tell us about your Talent Rocket.

Talent Rocket is a career management app for anyone who’s lacking purpose or excitement in their working lives. We’re helping busy people escape boring jobs by giving them a platform to connect with the companies they’ve always wanted to work for.  Looking for a job is often a full-time job, Talent Rocket reduces inconvenience (the time, spam, and irrelevance) so that more people can find happiness at work.Profiles are completely private and users get notified when their favourite companies are hiring so they never miss out on their dream opportunity. Companies use the platform to build a talent pool of professionals interested in working for their company. To maximise efficiency in the recruiting process, communication is reached only if there is interest from both sides.

4. Where did the inspiration for Talent Rocket come from?

I worked in headhunting for 7 years and saw the problems on both sides. Somewhere between 50-75% of people in the UK & US are unhappy at work, but people don’t look for new jobs because they’re too busy and view recruitment as a real pain. That’s not a problem; it’s an epidemic.By directly connecting companies and people of mutual admiration, it saves time and effort. A lot of people just don’t know what they want to do with their lives, so Talent Rocket is helping people make better informed career choices.

5. How do you currently promote your Talent Rocket?

Social media is huge for us. We have a small but growing community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We also partner with top organisations such as universities, scholarships, and academies to feature their open positions. Other than that, it’s all word of mouth. Companies often want to be featured on the site as a great place to work and they drive their social media traffic to the site which helps us broaden our reach.

6. Any challenges that you didn’t expect?

Hiring a good technical team for both web and mobile is the ultimate challenge for any startup these days unless you’re already a developer or have the patience to learn.

7. What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself since starting your own business?

I’ve learned that I need to be working with other people to be fulfilled. Wins are so much better when there’s someone to celebrate with in the moment. Without a co-founder, it requires true grit to keep picking yourself off the floor every time things don’t work out. You should never start a business alone; team dynamic is the most important thing.

8. Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find a problem that you’re truly passionate about solving. It needs to be something that makes you feel like you’re contributing beyond yourself. If what you’re doing is making a positive impact to the lives of others then you’ll give yourself enough reasons to keep going through the shit times. If you don’t have passion for what you’re working on, you won’t have enough juice to take you over the line.

To view all our live jobs sign up to and follow us. We’re only Beta in London, but we’re hoping to get to the US market soon so set up your profiles now!

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