Alumni Interview: Chris Brady


Meet Chris Brady, recent graduate of General Assembly Boston‘s 10-week Digital Marketing course. Chris is a Senior Digital Strategist at Velir, a full-service digital agency based in Boston that focuses on non-profit clients around the country.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in digital marketing?

Throughout my career, I’ve had a trend of enabling the companies I work for to be successful online. When you see the impact that effective digital marketing can have on an organization, it is a really powerful opportunity. I like pushing the envelope of what is possible online and love that digital marketing is always evolving and changing.

I love the idea that you can’t get into the pattern where you approach something the same way. There are always new things to learn – or unlearn – everyday.

2. What is something you think marketers overlook?

I think the number one thing marketers need to do is to get outside of their own head in regards to the material they are producing. Often, messages go through so many hands internally that it is a strong reflection of the internal company.

It is much more important to get in the head of users, see their perspective, and identify what those users experience in their day-to-day lives that your marketing can address.

3. How did taking a course in digital marketing change the way you approach your role?

I was able to validate a number of my assumptions about paid search and social media marketing – and really focus on being cognizant of the importance of having a measurable goal. It also helped me put things in a logical order to help me walk my clients through successful strategic engagements.

4. What were you up to prior to your current role with Velir?

I started off going to a traditional university and abandoned that three years in. I then went to a design school in Florida called Full Sail – and they are really doing some funky stuff. I applied what I learned there to newspapers to help build their websites before moving to a business-to-business role, following a more traditional web design track, before moving into a role more focused on digital strategy.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

An interesting factoid about me is that I do a type of dance from India called Bhangra. My guilty pleasure right now is trying to get everyone in my GA course to go to a Bhangra class.

When Chris isn’t reading up on the newest digital marketing trends or working on campaigns for non-profits around the country, you can find him on the board of Boston Bhangra, where he helps support the goals and operations of the organization.