Alumni Feature: Melanie Araujo


After five years experience in practical and theoretical neuroscience, Melanie Araujo decided it was time to start exploring other opportunities. She grappled with the decision to attend grad school in London, but wasn’t completely sold – there was another fit out there.

Having previously spent time at a startup that researched consumer insights, she began exploring user experience design opportunities and meet-ups in the SF Bay Area.  She enrolled in a usability workshop and an Intro to UX at General Assembly SF. From there, she began looking into the 12-week User Experience evening course and enrolled the day before the class began.

Melanie attended additional workshops throughout the UXD course, including Ben Sykes’ “How to Get Hired as a UX Designer,” which helped her create her online brand. She poured endless hours into her projects and ended up at a place ready to post her final project on Behance.

She was approached for several opportunities and one in particular caught her eye. Melanie began the interview process with Telenav immediately after the course finished in October 2013. She is currently the Lead Interaction Designer, Mobile at Telenav.