Alumni App Reimagines Clinical Forms for Speech Pathology Students



Alumni App helps speech pathology students fill out clinical forms online.

The Reimagine Education conference, hosted in partnership with QS Quacquarelli Symonds and The Wharton School, has shortlisted two General Assembly alumni for its global education award. The conference takes place from December 7-9 in Philadelphia.

Sonya Corcoran and Terry So, graduates from WDI at General Assembly’s Sydney campus, partnered over the past year to bring together their experiences from programming and education to create a new app for university students called CAPTain—which stands for Comprehensive Auditory Perceptual Training.

The conference and the Reimagine Education Awards will recognize their collaborations by other higher education professionals from around the world.

CAPTain has been rolled out at the University of Sydney as an Auditory Perceptual Training tool to provide speech pathology students with instant feedback on clinical assessments. Students listen to an audio file, rate it, and immediately see their ratings compared to the experts and classmates. It helps students instantly compare rankings, specifically their clinical judgment of a client’s case with other students and the experts.

Sonya and Terry’s developed CAPTain when they realized that traditional clinical assessment tools are complex to teach and very difficult to learn how to use as there is no “right” answer. CAPTain makes learning how to use these tools easier with the immediate feedback of visualized comparative data

The University of Sydney helped Terry and Sonya secure funding to pursue several Educational Innovation projects. In the end, the two came upon a problem which would lead them to create a solution in the form of CAPTain. Terry, Sonya, and their academic team designed and built the pilot site. Then, they took a leap of faith by applying for the Reimagine Education award.

“It’s incredible,” Sonya said. “The Faculty of Health Sciences have been so supportive and trusting to both Terry and I. We’re both ecstatic to have their faith in our vision recognized for a global award.”

Looking to the future, Terry and Sonya hope to see CAPTain used worldwide. Sonya said, “The pedagogy behind CAPTain is surprisingly simple yet incredibly effective. We would love to see more and more clinical forms converted using our design to improve feedback and learning across multiple disciplines.”

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