5 Ways To Shine At Your New Startup Gig



You landed your dream job at an up-and-coming startup. Time to pop that champagne, call your mom, and let the world know (read: brag) on Facebook.

After you wake up from your celebratory hangover, it’s time to get down to business and prepare to crush it in your new role. Working at a startup is very different from a regular office job — but keep a few guiding principles in mind, and you’ll not only succeed, but excel in your new environment.

1. Don’t expect hand-holding

One perk of working at a startup? You won’t be pigeonholed. This may be great for career development, but it can also be more challenging — and you’ll have to be flexible. Make sure to take lots of notes, pay attention to directions (the first time), and prepare to work independently. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but make sure you’ve tried to figure it out on your own first.

2. Stay on your toes

You may come to work on Monday morning to discover that you are now sending out the weekly newsletter, and, oh yeah, planning next week’s big event. Things move quickly at a startup and your day-to-day tasks may always be shifting. This means that you have to…

3. Be flexible

Seriously. You can probably throw notions of 9 – 5 working hours out the window when you sign on the dotted startup line. Your co-workers are likely to work whenever and wherever. And why not? One of the perks of working at a new company is the freedom and flexibility to work when and how you want (as long as you’re getting results).

4. Get ready for an education

Startups are a great place to learn new programs, acquire new tech skills, grow professionally and gain responsibilities— if you show initiative. If there’s a program you need to learn or a new skill that will enhance your role, speak up. Startups like to invest in their employees so they can grow and see a return; you will likely be able to learn as much as your heart desires as long as you…

5. Demonstrate your dedication to the company

Actions speak louder than words. You’re going to work hard and actually care about what you do. This is probably the reason you applied for the job in the first place. Remember: you’ll get out as much out of your experience as you put in.

The best thing about working at a startup is your ability to effect real change within the company — so all of your hard work will pay off.

Get the skills you need to land your dream job.

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