5 Steps for Getting Started in User Acquisition Marketing


Keep your goals in sight. You’ve made your resolutions — we want to help you keep them (at least the ones that aren’t food related). That’s why we’ve put together five simple things you can do to get started in User Acquisition Marketing.

  1. Jump into the basics of online advertising. Get a head start with AdJuggler’s Powering Digital Profitability, and familiarize yourself with the key players in the digital landscape.
  2. Check out your competition. See the ads your favorite brands and competitors are currently running with Mixrank.
  3. Get an expert’s take. Read Anna Lindow’s blog post on What is: User Acquisition Marketing?
  4. Read relevant materials. Add ClickZ, Digiday, AdExchanger, and Mashable Advertising to your RSS reader and enjoy this Quora thread on turning visitors into leads.
  5. Get to know other digital marketers. Find a Digital Marketing Meetup group near you.

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Resources expertly assembled by Frankie Brannon (@frankiebrannon).