5 Steps for Getting Started in Product Management



Keep your goals in sight. You’ve made your resolutions — we want to help you keep them (at least the ones that aren’t food related). That’s why we’ve put together five simple things you can do to get started in Product Management.

  1. Jump into the fundamentals of Product Management. 37signal’s free e-book on “Getting Real” is a great introduction.
  2. Walk through a real-life example. Joshua Porter’s slides on Designing for Social Traction will guide you through the process of optimizing sign-ups on a site.
  3. Play around with POP. Download the POP app (Prototyping on Paper), and try your hand at wireframing some ideas.
  4. Follow the conversation. Add goodproductmanager, mindtheproduct to your RSS reader, and read this Quora discussion on the top 1% of product managers.
  5. Get to know other Product Managers. Join a Product Management Meetup group near you.

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