5 Podcasts for Tech Geeks


Neil deGrasse Tyson

A few years ago, most college grads were more interested in working on Wall Street or in Hollywood but now they flock to Silicon Valley.

The tech industry is booming right now.  A multitude of billion dollar startups seem to emerge every day. iPhone and Android owners have access to a slew of apps that have made mundane tasks like commuting and ordering lunch so much easier.

Basically, it’s cool to be a tech geek. If this is the career path you want to pursue, we’ve rounded up five essential podcasts that you have to listen to. These programs provide of insight and commentary on the tech sector.

This Week In Tech

Leo Laporte hosts This Week In Tech, which is also known as TWiT.Tv.  A different group of prominent journalists and experts will join the show each week to help digest the past week’s tech news. Recent episodes focused on the release of two new iPhones as well as Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, the creator of the popular Minecraft game.

New Tech City

Every Wednesday morning, host Manoush Zomorodi examines how technology has changed our lives. One of the best reasons to tune into this show is the guest.  Manoush will interview a couple that only used emojii’s to text each other for a month while the next episode could analyze the dangers of digital addiction. It’s an intriguing look at the positive and negative aspects of living in this era of internet-connected smartphones and mobile apps.

Giant Bombcast

Hard core video gamers have to subscribe to Giant Bombcast. It feels like you’re listening to a bunch of old friends casually review the newest game releases. The host Adam Shoemaker and his guests are always making each other laugh hysterically so prepare yourself for some odd tangents. However, you’ll listen to some seriously great opinions on your favorite video games. Each installment lasts three hours but airs once a week. However, the relaxed tone of the show makes that long running time fly by.


Legendary astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson hosts this weekly program that he started back in 2009. Tyson’s show usually focuses on space travel and other topics related to the galaxy.  However, he’ll occasionally have a big celebrity guest appear like Morgan Freeman or air a moving tribute to Joan Rivers.


The sheer amount of apps and gadgets that come out every month can be overwhelming. Lifehacker’s podcast is here to help. The goal of the show is to help listeners figure out the best products to buy and find new ways to make certain programs more efficient. The hosts will talk about everything from how to create a hacker-proof password to new updates to popular apps. A new episode hasn’t aired in awhile but the show is filled with useful information.

The beauty of podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere at anytime. Feel free to turn on one from the comfort of your own home. Apps like Downcast or Stitcher let you download a show directly to your phone and listen to it on the way to work. There are thousands of podcasts to choose from but these are some of the best for tech lovers.