5 Must-Have Skills for Today’s Enterprise Marketers


In January 2016, the corporate training team at General Assembly set out to determine the marketing strategies and skills that all companies need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

As an educational institution providing skills on technology, business, and design to individuals and corporations, our greatest asset is our network, which comprises students, alumni, instructors, subject matter experts (SMEs), and Fortune 500 clients. Leveraging this incredible network, we were able to survey CMOs of Fortune 500 companies, CEOs of startups, and a host of branding experts, mobile experts, performance experts, data experts, and digital experts.

We talked to companies that are 100+ years old, as well as companies that were born only a few years ago. These organizations spanned across the finance, CPG, education, and technology industries. Across this broad array of roles, industries, and organizations, we saw several themes emerge over and over that we have defined here as the must-haves for successful marketing in 2016.

Download GA’s 2016 Guide for Enterprise Marketers below to learn about the marketing strategies and skills that your current competitors, and your future disruptors, see as keys to the growth of their businesses. Incorporating these strategies or skills into your marketing plans will enhance your customer experience, give you a leg up on your competitors, and make you seen as a leader in digital marketing.

At General Assembly, our motto is that we turn thinkers into creators; we’ve included next steps for each of the five recommendations so that you can start to implement them today.

Download the 2016 Marketing Guide