5 Job Perks You’re Afraid to Ask For, But Shouldn’t Be


04_GA-0119As a valuable team member, you are entitled to certain perks at your job. Unfortunately, guilt often prevents people from seeking the benefits they deserve. Whether it’s better pay or the freedom to take on more challenging projects, there’s no shame in asking your supervisor for things that will motivate you to work harder. Keep in mind that your relationship with your employer is give and take. If they allow you certain privileges, you’re more likely to perform better in the workplace. If you put in the work, you shouldn’t feel guilty asking for specific benefits because it’s a win-win situation for both parties. To help resolve the issue of guilt, we asked a few entrepreneurs the five things people should rightfully want from their jobs. Here’s what they said:

1. Flexible hours

Richard Boehmcke, Creative Director of Vibrant Motion, offers advice to job seekers: Don’t look for a position that turns you into a martyr. Working 80-hour weeks shouldn’t be a badge of honor. It’s important to find a job that allows you to maintain a healthy balance between your work and personal lives. If you feel like your job is taking up a disproportionate amount of your leisure time, ask your supervisor if it’s possible to cut back your work hours.

2. Upward mobility

Andrew Young, co-founder and CTO of Swill, suggests: Growing and learning is part of life. You should feel like you are learning something new every day at work. Be proactive and tell your manager that you want to take the lead on a new project and show them how capable you are. Working on challenging assignments is essential for growth. At the same time, do not agree to tasks you find too difficult to complete. It’s unnecessary to burden yourself with impossible challenges.

3. The option to work remotely

Young adds: Depending on your job, working outside the office from time to time can be refreshing. It allows for better inspiration and helps reduce overall stress. Sitting in a cubicle all day long can be boring and negatively affect your work ethic. If your job allows you to occasionally work outside the office, take advantage of the opportunity.

4. A raise or higher commission

Ashley Janover, founder and president of NYC Talent, says: If you are constantly meeting your employer’s expectations, there is nothing wrong with asking to be compensated for your hard work. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Employees often feel guilty asking for higher pay.  However, it’s your employer’s responsibility to reward you for doing a great job. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad asking for compensation.

5. Vacation Days

Denise Chan, Inbound Marketing Associate at Mailjet, tells us: Taking time to unplug can actually help you be more productive. Studies show that vacation improves your health, and sometimes a change of scenery can give you creative inspiration for your next project. Everyone needs a break from work once in a while. As much as you may love your job, it’s important to take time off. Vacation gives you a chance to renew yourself before heading back to the office full time. Don’t feel guilty asking for these perks at your workplace. Make sure to let your employer know that you want these benefits from your job to ensure the best possible working experience. Want better perks? Learn the skills that will help you land your dream job.

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Jelika Calderon is a writer at WeWork Magazine, a new kind of publication that features stories of entrepreneurs and first-hand resources that make your business more successful. WeWork is the community for creators. They transform buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces and provide infrastructure, services, events, and technology so our members can focus on doing what they love. Jelika is also a student a Baruch College and an aspiring entrepreneur.