5 Career Changers Who Will Inspire You to Take the Leap


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Change is inevitable. More specifically, career changes are inevitable. Especially in today’s job market, where the median tenure for the average employee is continuing to decrease. Our lifestyle goals and career aspirations are constantly in flux, but changes are scary. It’s easy to stay in a comfortable, unsatisfying position. The harder and braver thing to do is to take a leap of faith and pursue a career that actually excites you.

At General Assembly, it’s our mission to prepare you for this monumental change through skills training, a growing alumni network of over 25,000 alumni, and outcomes support for our full-time students. Take it from these five career-changing alumni: if you have that nagging feeling in your gut that you’re ready for a change at work, it’s time to reinvent yourself. We’re here to help.

1. From Irish Dancer to UX Designer

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After years of running the Irish Dance company she founded, Carlye Cunniff realized she needed a change. Unsure of where to start, but knowing she wanted to learn more about the tech world, she enrolled in GA’s HTML, CSS and Web Design Circuit, an online course designed to teach proficiency in HTML/CSS coding and design. She now works as a full-time consultant with The Creative Group and is currently on contract at Amazon.

2. From Combat Veteran to Coder


Meet Jerome Hardaway, an Opportunity Fund recipient and Veteran who worked in marketing and design before enrolling in General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course in New York City. Now, Jerome is using his web development skills to build his own startup, FRAGO, which helps Veterans transition more smoothly into civilian life.

3. From Tech Outsider to Tech Evangelist


Adrian had never considered working in the tech industry. But after being introduced to General Assembly, she immediately recognized the power of code and the impact she could have on her hometown of Flint, MI. She enrolled in the online HTML, CSS and Web Design Circuit and now helps other people learn to code so they can change their lives, too.

4. From Financial Advisor to Startup Founder


Dani was set on her future in corporate finance — until she realized her passion was helping individuals manage their money, not corporations. By taking Front-End Web Development, she was able to build the prototype for her startup, Invibed. Now, she is the CEO and founder of her business, which helps Millennials learn to be financially savvy.

5. From Advising Startups to Founding One


Paul’s career in investments and advisory was interrupted when he had the idea for an app which combined his passions for healthcare and tech. But he didn’t have the skills he needed to turn his app from idea to reality. So, he quit his job and enrolled in the Web Development Immersive course. Equipped with technical knowledge and a new sense of confidence, Paul developed the Playbrush toothbrushing system. He and his team surpassed their Kickstarter goal of £35,000, raising over £40,000, and Playbrush is now available to purchase.

Make your own career change.

It Starts With “Yes.”