3 ways to boost your value as a Sydney Web Developer



In our previous post ‘How much do Web Developers earn in Sydney?’ we hacked the market to share some expectations around pay. In this post, we look at 3 key areas that can have a positive impact on getting a job first of all; and can also help to boost your value as a Sydney Web Developer. Read on if you want to earn!

Level of Experience

First role? 1-2 years in? Experience is what tends to matter most but it’s not just about time spent in any one role, it’s a blend between length and depth of experience. You’ll want to make sure you have developed a solid foundation in core languages like Java, Ruby, Html and CSS (both from personal projects, github or from the workplace). This will also be relative to what CMS companies you’re interested in are using. Find out if you can, and up-skill to match. Experience gained from working on related projects/in teams can also help, as well as whatever additional skills you have in your toolkit (e.g. soft skills, business acumen) to match role criteria.

Meaningful Tech Presence

Employers want to see that you’re an active member in the tech community. Making an active contribution via github for example does make a difference. Having your own blog/website as well as presence on social media is a great way to showcase your work and build your profile. Attending industry meetups like ROROSydJS, and conferences such as Web Directions Code  & Ruby Conf Australia is also a great idea. Not only does it demonstrate your passion outside of your day job, it will also expose you to awesome opportunities through all the great contacts you’ll be making.

Technical ability

Technical know-how is always going to impress. Having a profile on github is great, but next level is refining the code of your peers and making a contribution to OpenSource – this will definitely turn heads. This is about the ‘What else?’ factor. Are you working on your own project? Have you been involved in something innovative? Up-skilled yourself or able to provide benefits using some of the more complex languages like Pearl? If you are new to the industry, working on a great project -perhaps even in an unpaid capacity – might just be what gives you that competitive edge.

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