Welcome, Employees of the Adecco Group!

General Assembly is proud to power the Adecco Group Academy to help professionals learn today’s most in-demand digital disciplines. Our innovative training solutions allow individuals, teams, and clients to learn and use new capabilities.

Individual Learning

Gain new digital skills.

Enroll in one of GA’s in-person or online courses to learn key digital concepts that will boost your career. We specialise in coding, data, digital marketing, product management, and user experience (UX) design.

Browse GA’s selection of individual learning paths below. Your manager may share the cost of training, or you can take advantage of an exclusive employee discount of 10% for all in-class/in-person courses and 20% for all online courses.

Client Solutions

Support your clients with GA training.

GA’s expert-led workshops can help your clients to build instead of ‘buy’ in-demand skills. Advance teams of 10 or more employees with classes including Design Thinking, UX Design, and more.

See the impact of these programs in our case study with Lloyds Banking Group. To request more information for your clients, please fill out the form below.

Boost Teams or Workforce

Boost your team or temp workforce.

GA supports business leaders across the Adecco Group as they grow the skills and knowledge of their team. Join us for online programs and workshops that include TAG Digital Foundations, Design Thinking for Talent Services, and Influencing Through Data.

If you manage a team of over 15 or a network of contractors and consultants, learn more about boosting their capabilities in technology disciplines. Complete the form to connect with our dedicated team.

“Our clients are looking for partners to improve access to scarce 21st-century skills and help navigate workforce transformation. By offering General Assembly’s services ... we will be able to better respond to these client needs.”

Alain Dehaze, Chief Executive Officer, The Adecco Group