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Digital Marketing

Learn the essential skills to be a successful marketer in the digital age.

Marketing is changing, fast. On top of traditional requirements, today's marketers need to be tech savvy and data fluent.

With so much to learn, where do you start?

This course provides a comprehensive foundation, covering modern digital techniques like CRM and optimization, and timeless essentials like market research. At the end of the course, students can measure their skills on the industry-recognized Certified Marketer Level 1 (CM1) assessment.

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  • 10+ hours world class curriculum

  • Certificate of completion

  • Assessment and personal score report

  • Access anywhere, anytime


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Who is This For?

This course offers the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime on GA’s dynamic learning platform. It’s great for:

New marketers and professionals collaborating with marketers to build foundational skills.

Experienced marketers updating their skills in the digital age.

Teams to bolster employee onboarding and ongoing learning and development programs.


This program includes access to the Certified Marketer Level 1 (CM1) assessment. Developed with the Marketing Standards Board, CM1 is used globally to gauge marketers’ capabilities against the industry standard. Top scorers qualify for the exclusive CM1 Credential.

Participants receive a personal score report that details their performance and identifies opportunities for growth.

GA Credential for Marketing Level 1
Developed in Partnership
This course was developed with top marketing executives from leading companies.
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  1. Customer insight
    • Market research, audience segmentation, developing & using personas, mapping the customer journey
  2. Creative development
    • Setting objectives, writing briefs, adhering to brand, content strategy, content creation, adapting to audience
  3. Marketing channels
    • Social media, display advertising, digital video, traditional media, direct, SEM/SEO, owned/earned media
  1. Measurement and analytics
    • Measuring business impact (LTV, CAC, ROI), KPIs, cohort analysis, testing, optimization, multi-touch attribution
  2. Marketing technology
    • CRM & personalization, analytics, testing & optimization, CMS, marketing automation, ad tech, data management
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“With CM1, we have a unique opportunity to develop a widely recognized marketing expertise standard. This is for us a powerful assessment and empowerment tool.”